Kids thermometer comes in different forms. One of them is Forehead thermometer. We often check child temperature by touching their forehead but thermometer can tell us accurate temperature. Even if your child feels warmer then usual , you do not need to check this temperature unless he has other sings of illness. 

Temperature reading might effect how the temperature was measured and other factors that is why its very important to choose right thermometer for your child.

Mostly mothers choose forehead thermometer for their kids because its non touch thermometer  so they can take their kids temperature  while they are sleeping. Its Measure temperature via forehead and shows rapid and accurate measure of body  temperature.

Forehead thermometer shows body fever in 3 different Colours Green, Orange and Red. Green means normal temperature, Orange means Moderate temperature and Red mean child have fever and parents should take action soon. 

Forehead thermometer also comes with multiple  button options. Bottom big button is for checking temperature . Other 3 buttons are for Volume , room or body mode and Celcius and Fahrenheit.  This thermometer also comes with big LCD display screen so mothers can see accurate results.